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Why Pluggable?

We're Here to Connect Products that Delight All.

We help Product Owners and Business Architects build Pluggable Products. 


Start with the Business Architecture. It is the Blueprint of the Pluggable.

Technology follows.

Banking-as-a-Platform, OpenAI, and every new technology implementation start with the Business Architecture.

Here's What We Need to Start.

Begin with a standards-based Pluggable Architecture.

This problem has been solved before. Let's learn from the power generation industry.

We only need to connect a few pieces.

It's Complex.

Connections adapt and emerge.

Pluggable, 4th Industrial Revolution, Platform Economy, API Economy, Composable Business, Microservices, Plug-In, Everything-as-a-Service, Lego, etc.

All have one goal in common. 

We make Physical, Digital, and Biological Connections. 

Connections are Complex Adaptive Systems. They sense and respond.

Pluggable manages this complexity.

Build Delightful Connections.

It's about making Connections.

Connections produce Delightful Experiences.


First, answer "Yes" to two (2) Questions. 

Second, answer "Yes" again to this question to make it Pluggable.

Is our Product capable of being plugged or plugged in?

It's about Thriving.

Pluggable is a Movement to Thrive.

Go ahead. Architect it. Build it. Plug in. 

Spread Delight.

We live by these Principles.

Best of #pluggable


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