What is a Pluggable?


(Noun) Short for Pluggable Product capable of being plugged or plugged in.

Merriam-Webster: (Adjective) Capable of or suitable for being plugged.

What is a Pluggable Business?

  • A Pluggable Business are Pluggables that produce Delight.

  • Every Pluggable Business has a single Purpose; the Purpose is to Delight.

What is the Pluggable Economy?

  • The Pluggable Economy is economic, social, or political activity of a person or thing using a Pluggable.

  • Pluggable Users relate with each other in an adaptive and emergent Pluggable Economy.

  • The Pluggable Economy is for All by All.

What is the Pluggable Architecture?

The Pluggable Architecture is an ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010 Standard-based Architecture Description.

  1. System - a Pluggable (Digital Product) with a Purpose.

  2. Stakeholder - a User (All Persons or Things) that uses a Pluggable.

  3. Stakeholder Concern - a Digital Plug (Contract) to connect to a Pluggable.

  4. Environment - a Digital Outlet (Interface) that a Pluggable or other Pluggables plug into.

  5. Architecture - properties of a Pluggable that a User plugs in a Digital Outlet, usually with a Digital Adapter.

  6. Architecture Viewpoint - a Digital Adapter (Gateway) connected to a Digital Plug to use a Pluggable.

  7. Architecture Model - a Pluggable Capability (Configuration) that enables a Digital Adapter.

What is Pluggability?


(Noun) Short for Pluggable Capability.

Wiktionary: (Noun) The quality of being pluggable.